Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bush vs. the Irish !

Experience the Victory!

"son if you come to USC, this will be your hope too...."

Just a snippet of the conversation going on today on the sidelines of the big game at the Collisium. This is a huge game for recruits and a lot of talent will be watching in person the jaggernaut that is the USC Trojan football team.

It's a great big step for the Trojans today, as far as covincing the national media that they deserve a solid #1 national ranking. They have a national audience and the rich traditon of the cross-country rivalry. The crowd is probably going to break the all time attendance record today, according to the morning papers.

The weather is atypical for so cal, but the fans are getting pumped up as I write.
Here are 3 reasons they will win the football game tonight in the wind and rain...

1. USC comes with some serious fire, they are coming out not just to win, but to beat you down, to make you feel the pain, to make you pay physically. The defense is a punishing one. At the same time, they know how to stand up and be leaders and help the community, and represent themselves well off the field, but come game time, there will be no mercy. There are only 8 quarters in the football season, and the Trojans control their own destiny. Yeah, they're pumped!

2. Excellent game preparation. They know exactly what to do, after lots of review of film and past situations. The psychology factor is also big, the senior leadership is respected. Coach Carrol emphasizes the fun factor as well, so they come into every game focused, but loose at the same time. That's a rarity more often than not. If they go undefeated, there should be no controversy about who's going to the big dance.

3. It's USC vs. Notre Dame. True anything can happen when these two get together, but the fact is USC just has way too much talent and depth and coaching experience to be overcome. Whether on the ground or through the air, they tend to dominate even if it takes them a quarter or two to really get rolling. When you have better talent, if both teams bring their best game, Notre Dame cannot beat USC tonight.

4. My prediction? USC 44 Notre Dame 17!

Birth of a Democracy....?

Iraq the Model - run by 3 brothers who have fought for years to overthrow the Baathist regime against insurmountable odds - have a go at stream-of-consciousness blending of past and present that just may put a smile on your face.

We reached the government main headquarter and entered without much difficulty. We went to one of these offices as we didn’t know were to go as this was our first time there. One of the government employees asked us what was our need. We said our prayers and told him that we want to change the regime. He asked us to wait until he call for the man in charge and I said to myself, “that’s it, they’re calling the Mukhabarat” the guy came back with another man who, after greeting us asked about our group. We handed him a file that contained our goals and a list of the people who supported us. He took it and told us to come back in 3 days after they study it.

“Study it!?” I said to myself “ they’re not going to hang us? Maybe they are letting the small fish to capture the large one?” Anyway we went back and spent 3 difficult nights full of worries and nightmares.

Read the whooooole thing to find out what happens....

Friday, November 26, 2004

The kids are (finally) alright

Hey! Teacher.....

Pink Floyd Pupils Sue for Royalties

It's got to be quite a slice of satisfaction to know not only did you contribute to a historic musical document, but now you're due thousands as a result of a day off from class.
Lucky "kids".

Peter Thorpe, who sang on the single, told friends: "We were just taken to the studios and it was great fun.
I didn't realise royalties were owed and I'm very glad to be in a position to claim them."

Too Many Bond Flicks

Now don't this just make you wanna hop on a plane for the holidays....

The TSA has found knives disguised as lipstick, a radio with a handgun inside, a loaded gun stuffed into a teddy bear. Several people have tried to bring chainsaws onto planes. A U.S. army sergeant was kicked off a flight after an inert landmine was found in his checked luggage. One man packed gunpowder and a fuse for his hobby of shooting golf balls out of cannons.

"You name it, we've seen it," said the TSA's von Walter.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Short & Sweet

I know it's not cool to root for your own country in an age of Irony and Post-Modern "whatever". And I know there are those Americans who live in this country and take advantage of all it has to offer, yet continue to deride it, criticize it, and lament that our current leaders are setting a bad example to the rest of the world. But once you stand back and take a look at the level of accomplishment and high standards that have been achieved in the past 240 years, it's nothing short of astonishing. It's not surprising then that in addition to inspiring some, it creates resentment and self-hatred in others.

In my opinion there is no other nation on Earth, no other civilization in history, more dedicated to the principles of freedom and equality, no military more professional in it’s determination to fight the forces of darkness, than our United States of America.

And I'm thankful to call myself an American; I said it so what? Would you please just go with it? Try not to be so cynical - you are in a wink-free zone now. It's no dirty secret. But an admission of one hell of a guilty pleasure. This does not amount to taking a stand.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Now, go induldge.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I have a feeling this lady will devour more ThxGvng Turkey than all your in-laws put together. NAME HER!

Trojan Quote of the Week

“We’re right where we want to be,” Leinart said. “This is the fun part of the season. It all counts right now.”

The Illusion of Peace

From: Resurrection Song.

I'm not saying that I like the idea of more violence--I want peace. But I don't want the illusion of peace that comes when we simply bide our time waiting for another attack on our country.

I never supported the war in Iraq because I wanted cheap gas, wanted to see Americans colonize the country, or felt a need for vengeance. I supported the war because I felt that it might act as the catalyst for change in the Middle East. Not that every change has to come at the muzzle of a rifle, but that the methods we had been employing were obviously not working. In fact, those methods had never worked, were never going to work, and, quite possibly, made the situation worse by allowing militant Islamists to attack us with near impunity.

No More Beating Around the Bush

It's a little strange to hear people knock the Prez for picking heads of cabinet that he has known to be good honest people that tend to share his views. Dept. of State is one of the most important to fill, and I think he made an awesome selection. As for the people that are crying about there not being a chance for 'healthy debate' or 'enough diverse views' give me a freakin' break. The position demands perspicacity and a healthy knowledge of history and Condi Rice has both in spades... ah, I didn't just write that, did I?

Here's how John Podhoretz sums it up nicely in the NY Post:

Did the president benefit from hearing Colin Powell's views during his first term? On some matters, certainly, and on others probably not as much. But it's simply comic to assume that with Powell gone, there will not be healthy debate between incoming Secretary of State Condi Rice and the secretary of Defense (Rummy or whoever follows him).

There has always been and will always be tension between these departments, because they step on each other's toes. The fact that their presiding officers will be more loyal to the president than they will be to Bob Woodward won't mitigate that fact of Washington political life.

The only surprising aspect of this argument is that it completely ditches the old, reliable "Bush is a moron" meme for a new and more ominous "Bush is a control-freak mastermind" theory. The man who, we were told, had no interest in policy and could barely tie his shoes now wants to vet every minute decision made at the departments of State, Justice and Education and at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Hey guys: Pick an argument and stick to it, will you? Otherwise, people will start thinking you're crazy.

But that's the way liberals tend to operate; if the shoe doesn't fit, toss it and try something new that might.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dan, it's Mark Steyn on line One...

what do you mean i'm not invited to thanksgiving?!

Danny Says It's Time to Go...

Of Broadcast plots & 6:30 Slots ~

Well it looks like we can now add the Liberal Media to the casualty list of That Which Is Mortally Wounded during the Bush Administration.
(Now if we can just add Islamo-Fascism and American Idol to the list I'd do a jig; heck, can Castro be far behind?)

Dan Rather embodied all that is wrong with the Establishment Press, and his ratings reflect his irrelevance rather effectively. The only thing that can save CBS at this point is Murdoch coming in and buying it. Broadcast news needs more comely newsladies, & that's something he's always understood extremely well.

UPDATE: David Frum nails it!

"What would the world be saying of Dan Rather if, say, he managed an automobile manufacturer? Over his 24 years at the helm of CBS News, he has led his program from first place to third, losing more than half his audience along the way. Throughout his career he has been embroiled in controversy and scandal, culminating in his broadcast of forged documents - and his insistence that they might well be genuine long after the falsehood was obvious to everybody else. He leaves his news program in worse editorial and economic shape than at any time since it was launched five decades ago.

If CBS were a car company, Rather would be universally condemned as a business and moral failure, one who broke faith with his colleagues, his customers, and his shareholders. Fortunately for Rather, CBS is a media organization. So he will exit the scene hailed as an American legend and a hero for our time."

Where's The Camera At...?

Anybody else besides me figure that Ron Artest is a total prick in real life?
After watching the Today show, I begin to wonder just who preps Matt Lauer with questions before showtime.

Lauer: "Are there 2 Ron Artests? Your dad says you're a nice kid."
Artest: "I always interact with the fans. I think you should get some interviews with the fans."

Well, i'm sure one or two of them will be happy to give an interview in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for you, it will be in a court of law and it will be called a deposition.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Direct from CentCom....

November 22, 2004 Release Number: 04-11-77


FALLUJAH, Iraq – Marines from the 1st Marine Division shot and killed an insurgent, who while faking dead, opened fire on the Marines that were conducting a security and clearing patrol through the streets here at approximately 3:45 p.m. on 21 November.

So, we are probably going to be told we have to walk up.... tap tap.... ok, he's dead now.
Are we at war or not?

Americans to the Rescue..... again.

From the Ny Times this past Friday, the following headline:

"Showing Their Resolve, Rebels Mount Attacks in Northern and Central Iraq."

Well, what can I say? The mainstream U.S. press continues to see such acts as beheadings and false surrenders as commendable. Probably for striking a blow to the American imperialist, capitalist hegemony no doubt.

As the duplicity the security council is exposed, and the U.N. is revealed as not much more than a bastion of corruption and prefidious "allies" with their own self-interest front and center......the notion that the United States is anything but alone in this noble mission to bring freedom, stability, opportunity and human rights to a region that has known none of that, we continue to be 2nd guessed and even vilified in the mainstream press. The NYT still can't help itself from cheering for "insurgents" that disembowl, decapitate and disgrace.

What's up with that?

I'll tell you. America is sui generis. Thus, we are bearing the burden others cannot or outright refuse to shoulder.

And as will be the case once again, America--in addition to preserving its own security--will rid a portion of the world of a fanatical death cult (Fundametalist Islam), will provide food, medicine, relief supplies and the inestimably precious supply of freedom to an oppressed people, and will demand no recompense. I don't need a war to be waged in order to be proud of my country. But it is telling that even in the midst of the cataclysm of human conflict, the majesty and beneficence of American generosity and kindness comes through. Winston Churchill warned the Nazis to "do [their worst], and we shall do our best." Those are words that America and Americans live by.

It should be added, however, that in addition to doing our best when others do their worst, we are at our best when the times are at their worst. We could become vicious along with the vicious times, but in spite of all the fears to the contrary, we have kept our character, our sense of humanity and self-worth, our fundamental goodness and decency as a people, and the sense of honor we have borne throughout our history--a sense of honor that allows Americans to look in a mirror and to tell ourselves truthfully and without fear of being contradicted by an objective posterity that when all is said and done, the world is better off for our presence on the world's most dangerous real estate.

Much better off.

And it pisses off those that see every war through the prism of the freakin' Vietnam war. But that's a terrible fit, for reasons to numerous to list here. Just rest assured, this silly, warped view will be the tipping point of their downfall. As the mainstream press stumbles into irrelevance, just remember....

they were rooting for the other side.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Christmas in Iraq (Feels Like the 1st Time)

I think this is a great idea. Go and give where it's needed most this year. It's called the New Spirit of America Challenge. It goes toward a place you've never been physically, but are granted an inside look thanks to Iraqi blogs that have become invaluable. Come on, you'll feel better after a small donation. I did.

Now, I'm waiting for my story....