Saturday, November 13, 2004

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More Evidence from the Religion of Peace

I got a few emails this morning from individuals accusing me of inflating claims made by the U.S. military, and only presenting stories from biased media organs.

This is from The Washington Post (excerpt below). Not exactly a resevoir of right-leaning information. Since this war started, it's become apparent that the U.S. and its few allies are fighting for universal human decency. But to see that you have to cut through layer after layer of agenda-driven media reports that continually try to label terrorists as "insurgents" "rebels" or "freedom fighters".

In the industrial area on Fallujah's south side, residents said Thursday that the bodies of 20 foreign fighters had been found outside a truck repair shop, many killed by a single shot to the head. Insurgents native to Fallujah said the foreigners were executed for deserting their positions when the U.S.-led assault on the city began Monday night.

In the northern half of the city, now largely under the control of U.S. and Iraqi forces, Marines making a door-to-door sweep on Wednesday found a bruised, starving man chained to the wall of a house. The man, who identified himself as a taxi driver from nearby Abu Ghraib, said he had been kidnapped by men who refused to give him food or water and beat him with electrical cords during 10 days of captivity.

Video footage shot by an ABC crew showed the man, shirtless and wrapped in a wool Marine-issue blanket, saying through an interpreter that when his captors fled, he told them he would die without food or water. They responded:
"We brought you here to die..."

The Myth of Invincibility

Last night I heard on one of the broadcast networks a report on Fallujah that implied that the coalition was at a standstill. That the Marines were "pinned down" and the troops are "bogged down". (is it too early to call it an official quagmire yet?)

There were no reports on the three Iraqi hostages found handcuffed and tortured by the terrorists before scambling out of town. Or how about the fact that in nearly every single mosque cleared by U.S. troops they find stockpiles of weapons, IEDs and bomb-making materials?

"In almost ever single mosque in Fallujah, we have found an arms cache," he said. "We have found IED-making (bomb-making) factories. We have found fortifications. We've been shot at by snipers from minarets."

Why no mention of the blood-covered straw mats inside the "hostage slaughter houses" where innocent people were murdered, and the acts were filmed? The fact that their hostages seem to consist of the mentally handicapped, women, and children. You have to hit the internet or Fox News to get the report of the 'human shields' of innocents that were shot execution style as the Jihadis made their escape from civilian homes.

Despite all of this, the fact is this: the military campaign in Fallujah is on schedule and the coaliton will control all of Fallujah by Sunday night. Further, as the Islamo-Fascists are beaten back, and killed in their tracks, it's disproving the myth of "insurgent invincibility" that is required to recruit more fighters.

"Finally, an allied victory in Fallujah throws more cold water on the myths of Western weakness and Islamic invincibility. At some point — though it's hard to say when — the young Arab men who have been fed fantasy by mad clerics and Al-Jazeera will start noticing that, in real-world battles, their side never wins.
The more sharp-eyed among them will further note that the men cheering them on to martyrdom always manage to survive.

There will probably always be a few hard-core or impossibly dim fanatics who don't know or don't care that they're being played for fools. But these would-be martyrs are getting their wish, in Fallujah and elsewhere. Who will spring up to replace them? Fewer than before, if anyone has eyes to see."

Look, we can't fight evil in this world until we honestly name it as evil. Arafat was, on several levels evil. Islamo-Fascism is evil. We must fight it - for freedom, for security, and for human rights. Too bad the Left cannot recognize these simple truths.

UPDATE: The number of terrorists killed in Fallujah just passed 1200, with 200 captured. Not bad in 4 days and nights of "urban warfare".

Friday, November 12, 2004

Fat Man, Little Car

Just when I thought I'd had it up to here with those radio OnStar commercials.
This is very well done, and funny as all get out.

Ready for Action

"Come And Kill Us..."

The latest on the ground in Fallujah.
Courtesy of the NY Post. Interesting use of Psych-Ops !!

Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Metz, the on-the-ground commander of the U.S. operation, told Pentagon reporters that heavy fighting was going on in several neighborhoods. But he said the massive operation involving as many as 15,000 U.S. troops and 2,000 Iraqi troops was making progress — with relatively few coalition casualties so far.
"I think we are looking at several more days of tough urban fighting. I think the enemy is fighting hard, but not to the death, and I think they are continuing to fall back," Metz said.

"We're a little ahead of schedule. I would say the coming days will tell us whether or not the enemy is thickening as he moves back into the city, or we are killing the enemy, or capturing the enemy, or pushing the enemy back."
U.S. and Iraqi troops were also seen conducting house-to-house searches and taunting insurgents over loudspeakers about their manhood — a tactic that successfully drew out pro-Saddam militias from their hideouts during last year's invasion.
"Brave terrorists, I am waiting here for the brave terrorists. Come and kill us," one military psychological operations officer said in Arabic over a loudspeaker

Thursday, November 11, 2004



It would take an encyclopedia to catalog all of the evil Arafat committed. But that is no excuse for not trying to recall at least some of it.
Perhaps his signal contribution to the practice of political terror was the introduction of warfare against children. On one black date in May 1974, three PLO terrorists slipped from Lebanon into the northern Israeli town of Ma'alot. They murdered two parents and a child whom they found at home, then seized a local school, taking more than 100 boys and girls hostage and threatening to kill them unless a number of imprisoned terrorists were released. When Israeli troops attempted a rescue, the terrorists exploded hand grenades and opened fire on the students. By the time the horror ended, 25 people were dead; 21 of them were children.
Thirty years later, no one speaks of Ma'alot anymore. The dead children have been forgotten. Everyone knows Arafat's name, but who ever recalls the names of his victims?


I cannot tell you how much joy it gives me to be able to type that sentence. Today is a grand occassion. And on Veteran's Day, no less. Oh, the stars are really lining up this month, no?

Arafat dead. Sweet. They should bury him face down.

His entire reason to exist was to kill innocent Jews and destroy Israel. Despite what our nation's worst president says, Arafat was nothing more than a maniac terrorist who left a brutally sick legacy while talking out of both sides of his slimy mouth. When offered over 90% of what he wanted in order to form an official Palestinian state, he rejected it. Tellingly, he didn't even make a counter offer. That's because he knew if he made peace with Israel under ANY circumstances, then he'd be marginalized, and eventually irrelevant.

Sorry Jimmy Carter, you piece of crap. The vile excuse for a human being you are eulogizing today was, pure & simple, a symbol of thievery, thugery, failed leadership, murderous hatred, and back-stabbing deception. Not to mention all the millions and millions of $$$ that he stole from American taxpayers and other Arab nations and stuffed in his own secret bank acconts while his beloved Palestinian people suffered immeasurably. At least that way, he had a scapegoat: THE ZIONIST JEWS!

And don't forget the predilection he had for gay sex documented by the Romanian Secret Service, which, in fact, most likely had something to do with the cause of his death.

Both Jimmy Carter and Yasser AraRat were proud receipents of the "Nobel Peace Prize" by the way. That alone should speak volumes about the value of that dubious honor. I mean come on! Why don't you hand one to Nicolae Ceausescu while you're at it. Stalin anyone?

If you think I'm spouting hyperbole, just click on the link below. See if you can't come away in agreement with me on the first sentence of this post.

For a good summary of the legacy of the misery Arafat wrought:


A new article from Peggy Noonan today. She sums it up nicely.....

Finally, you look at President Bush, and you can tell he's not going to change much anymore. He's 58 and he's going to stay who he is. He is not emotionally or intellectually labile or subject to great swings--he's not going to shock us and announce tomorrow that, on reconsideration, Osama had a point. He's not going to say tax increases are good. He's not going to say we need more regulation of small businesses. He liked to brag sometimes in the campaign "You know who I am--I say what I mean and I mean what I say."

Actually, it wasn't bragging, for it was true.

Some liberals, misunderstanding Mr. Bush's support, think that in the red states they think Bush is a god. They do not. They do not think he is perfect; they do not think he is Pericles; they do not think he has the subtlest political mind since Harry Hopkins (if Hopkins was subtle--I forget). They just like him, and respect him. Some love him, but they all make teasing jokes about him. This is a man whose very White House called its political strategy shop "strategery." The American people are in their own way fiercely sophisticated. They know the history of second terms: woe and error. They expect Mr. Bush to make mistakes. But they don't expect him to make amazing out-of-character mistakes. They expect him to make George Bush-type mistakes. They can live with that.

oh, I'm not sure who Harry Hopkins was, but I get the point. Second terms are fraught with danger, mis-steps and adversity. He's got a mighty challenge ahead. Somehow, I'm feeling pretty good about his chances. He's battling the enemies of Mankind in Iraq and tax reform at home. He's bold and I think deep down, most Americans respect that. If he makes a mistake or two, and he will, I think we can live with that. After all, bringing liberty and democracy to a torbid and turbulent corner of the world will require a heavy dose of fortitude and realistic expectations.

The odds are against him, but I'll take those odds.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


"Afraid of being called racist, we have been so tolerant with regard to these religious fascists that they have been allowed to merrily undermine the roots of our freedom." -- Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf

A few days ago, Theo Van Gogh (distant relative of Vincent) was murdered. No, make that slaughtered. His crime? He made a film showing the abuse of women by the peaceful religion of Islam. For this he was shot 8 times, had his throat slit, and there was a charming little note pinned, by the knife used to murder him, to his chest.
A sample:

"I know for sure that you, Oh America, will go under;
I know for sure that you, Oh Europe, will go under;
I know for sure that you, Oh unbelieving fundamentalist, will go under..."

Now, after years of "tolerance" the Dutch find themselves in much the same position of a chain smoker after his first cardiac arrest. Sometimes, a man or a nation, gets a second chance to evaluate the priorities in life.
When will the rest of the EU follow? What will it take?

After a police raid near the Hague, Muslim suspects threatened police with a beheading.

Three Dutch police officers have been wounded during the raid which began early today, police said. Shots were fired as police conducted the operation on behalf of national prosecutors. Prosecutors would not confirm whether the raid was connected to an investigation in the alleged terrorist slaying of van Gogh on November 2.
One unidentified neighbour told Dutch television that she heard a police negotiator tell an apparent suspect in the building to "come out, and no body will get hurt". But the suspect yelled back "I'll behead you, I'll behead you," she said.
Six suspects, believed to be members of a terrorist group, remain in custody, in connection with van Gogh's murder, including the alleged killer, Dutch-Moroccan Mohammed Bouyeri, 26.

Well Well Well. I gotta admit after years of watching Cops on Saturday night, that's a first.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Exposing the Pulse of the Proletariat!

The Only Exit Poll That Mattered!

Guess who had the most accurate exit poll on Election Day?
Yep, you got it - that King of American Convenience & Piping Hot Java
Does 7-Eleven have a scientific method almost too simple to be believed?!

Or do they owe Taco Bell royalties, stealing a clever idea first demonstrated
during the California recall election?

Get the full story....

No Wealth Like Rome, No Depravity Like Arabia

Arafat has only a few more hours to live. Some speculate he is dying from symptoms related to AIDS. Given the strong inclination that Arab men have toward homosexuality, that wouldn't seem so far-fetched. No matter, the repugnant little possum will soon be dead. And the world, will then be a far better place.

Arab pederasty was personified in Yasser Arafat, one of the vilest human beings to ever infest the earth. During the Cold War, Arafat was a frequent guest of Romania's Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu, who would put him up in his palace in Bucharest. Always included in Arafat's retinue was a selection of young boys. What Arafat didn't know was that Ceaucescu's secret police, the Securitatae, would covertly film his bedroom escapades. The Israeli intel agency Mossad has copies. Ask any Mossad guy about them and he rolls over in a fit of laughter.

What a legacy he leaves in his wake.

Monday, November 08, 2004

wait, where do I go vote?

Telling the Dice How to Roll....

Prime Minister of Iraq, Ayad Allawi, gave the troops a pep talk hours before they began the take-back of Fallujah today. I like the directness of this guy.

"The people of Fallujah have been taken hostage ... and you need to free them from their grip," he told Iraqi soldiers who swarmed around him during a visit to the main U.S. base outside Fallujah just before the attack began.
"May they go to hell!" the soldiers shouted, and Allawi replied: "To hell they will go."

Insurgent models M.C. Hammer "parachute pants"

Who are the Real Idiots?

Mark Steyn has an interesting take:

More to the point, nobody who campaigns with Ben Affleck at his side has the right to call anybody an idiot. H. L. Mencken said that no one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Well, George Soros, Barbra Streisand and a lot of their friends just did: The Kerry campaign and its supporters --, Rock The Vote, etc. -- were awash in bazillions of dollars, and what have they got to show for it? In this election, the plebs were more mature than the elites: They understood that war is never cost-free and that you don't run away because of a couple of setbacks; they did not accept that one jailhouse scandal should determine America's national security interest; they rejected the childish caricature of their president and paranoid ravings about Halliburton; they declined to have their vote rocked by Bruce Springsteen or any other pop culture poser.

All those millions wasted trying to tear down a man who actually has guts, conviction, and an AMERICAN vision of America. Plus, he's got a sense of humor about himself and the world around him. That counts for a lot, I think, and is one of Bush's secret strengths. Besides, higher taxes and appeasement in world affairs just plain sucks when looking back on what resulted when those concepts were tested over the past 40 years. History, again, proves invaluable.

As a friend of mine once said, you can't buy peace with appeasement, you can only rent it. And you can bet that the rent is sure as hell gonna go up.

Iraqis Stoked on the Chance to Vote

You won't hear it in the mainstream U.S. press, but everyday Iraqis are really excited about the chance to participate in the upcoming elections. Translated from an Iraq newspaper:

We visited the streets of Najaf and asked some people about the elections.
Mr. Thual ( age 18) said: "I and my whole family will participate in the elections. It is our country and it is our duty to build it and keep it. If we slack then who will build or protect Iraq? I believe the elections will be successful and turnout will be big."
Mr. Abed Azuhra said: "I will participate in the elections because they are free and fair. Then we asked, "How do you know they are fee and fair?"

His answer:
"I have seen the previous elections, they were mandatory, with only existing government officials on the ballot and only one president 'Saddam.' The baathists cut our rations if we did not vote. There has been a fundamental change in Iraqi government, this government is for the people. This government invites and asks us to vote they do not threaten us. I wish the security situation were better. But it will not stop me from voting."

More at Powerline....

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Gloat Now, Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Savor this moment, my friends. History has narrowly avoided a calamity. Indeed, the night the lights went out in Boston was never a certainity.
Watch this montage. Have a laugh.
But then remember to 'reach out' to the other side, and quell the the gloat factor.
but for now, there's THIS !