Saturday, October 30, 2004


50 REASONS to vote W !

American Digest has a very compelling list of words and pictures of what Nov. 2nd is all about.
This election is about the choice between Liberty, Freedom and Justice vs. Scary Monsters & Super Creeps.
Let's keep them running scared, baby.

Osama's Time Out

You know, I was more struck by what bin laden didn't say during the video speech yesterday, than what he did say. It almost seemed like this dirtbag was trying to call for a truce. Or at the very least, ready to negotiate, trying to reason with the American public. I'll be the libs are ready to step right up and do just that. NO WAY! We've already scooped most all the seeds out of his pumpkin. Now, let's go in for the smash!

Friday, October 29, 2004


Bush or Kerry
Churchill or Chamberlain
Reagan or Carter
American or Internationalist
Man or Metrosexual
Steak or tofu

Phil Hendrie or Air America

come on, gang. Don't Shilly Shally!!

Gee, Your Vote Smells Terrific

I watched 3 'undecided voters' yesterday on GMA. I've always wondered what kind of person it takes to come this far over the past 4 years, and still have not a clue about which candidate they support. Then these people opened their mouths, and I realized we're not dealing with people that take the democratic process very seriously. One woman said, "I woke up yesterday and thought I was going Kerry, and this morning now I think I'm leaning Bush."
Gee, it led to a rare witty remark by Diane Sawyer, "Well, I guess we should check back with you after lunch..."
I'm more depressed by citizens such as this, more than the army of lawyers that have descended on Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado etc. in the hopes destroying a clear and
irrefutable Republican victory.
If you can't make up your mind by now, STAY THE HELL HOME!!

hmmmm, chicken or fish? Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

THE SUN SHINES AGAIN in LA ! Posted by Hello


and the truth becomes plain: the sun is out, the rain has
moved on, the wind is crisp. AND its the ungodly
streetsweeping day; despite my best intentions, I still
owe the city $35 from my last parking ticket.

But as a friend once told me, it's just the cost of living.
and it's still cheaper than Tokyo.

And we have better Mexican food.....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yasser inside the compound Posted by Hello


I just heard that Arafat is on his deathbed inside the Ramallah compound. According to the AP, ole Yasser is "very very sick". Earlier tonight he was eating a bowl of soup, and then suddenly began to vomit. He was taken to a bed, where he slipped in and out of consciousness for the next several hours.
Keep in mind this is the guy who founded and funded the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a terrorist organization according to the Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs:

"The Al Aqsa Brigades organization, headed by Arafat, was put under the direct authority of Marawan Barghouti, who had no compunction in using women and even children to execute terrorist activity, which killed hundreds of Israelis."

He was also personally involved with the planning and funding of terrorist attacks on innocents. His cult of death was suported by Saudia Arabia, and he also had close ties with Iran and Iraq, and Saddam donated $25k to every suicide bomber's family.

Like I said, couldn't have happened to a nicer fella.
Let's hope he doesn't wake up this time.

Hold Your Nose and Pray for the Best Posted by Hello

With Friends Like These....


I found this over at the Chicago Sun Times this morning. I check this paper because Mark Steyn has a column over there and it's usually quite good. But when I saw this endorsement of Senator Kerry from their editorial board, I couldn't believe that the writer was actually going to endorse Kerry after saying so many negative things about him.
Here's what stood out:

“I can’t remember ever voting for anybody I disliked as much as I do John Kerry, at least not for president, but vote for him I will. I didn’t have much use for Al Gore either, but I don’t remember any real sense of hostility before punching the hole next to his name. . . . I can’t persuade anybody to vote for a candidate for whom I can muster so little enthusiasm, but there must be an awful lot of people out there who are going to cast votes next week for Kerry who are, like me, discouraged by the prospect.
-Mark Brown, endorsing John Kerry, Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 27

Later today, I found this endorsement over at Slate.....

“I remain totally unimpressed by John Kerry. Outside of his opposition to the death penalty, I’ve never seen him demonstrate any real political courage. His baby steps in the direction of reform liberalism during the 1990s were all followed by hasty retreats. His Senate vote against the 1991 Gulf War demonstrates an instinctive aversion to the use of American force, even when it’s clearly justified. Kerry’s major policy proposals in this campaign range from implausible to ill-conceived. He has no real idea what to do differently in Iraq. His health-care plan costs too much to be practical and conflicts with his commitment to reducing the deficit. At a personal level, he strikes me as the kind of windbag that can only emerge when a naturally pompous and self-regarding person marinates for two decades inside the U.S. Senate. If elected, Kerry would probably be a mediocre, unloved president on the order of Jimmy Carter."
–Jacob Weisberg, Slate, Oct. 26

It's pretty funny watching these two journalists doing all kinds of mental gymnastics in order to pubicly go on record and endorse the media darling for Commander in Chief.
I just don't get it. President had some pretty heavy lifting the past three years, and he's now got the grey hair to prove it. Sure, his record isn't perfect. But the way I see it, the circumstances that were thrown his way were, in many ways, unprecedented. But I guess that Kerry, despite all the negative attributes and lack of political courage, the fact is he's NOT Bush and that's all the matters.

Kinda reminds me of voting against the presumed favorite for prom queen.
We just wanted to fuck shit up.

And it worked, too.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a high school prom queen we were very proud of
once the dust settled.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the man who twiddled the knobs Posted by Hello

Got the news today, oh boy. The world's greatest disc jockey has died.
Heart attack. Sixty-Five years old. Passed away while on vacation in Peru.
John Peel was exceptional. He let the music do the talking. Probably one
of the most passionate broadcasters that would continually expose those
independent bands that had guts, moxie, originality and smokin' tunes that
made them stand out from the rest of the pack.
I used to have a pen pal in the U.K. that would send me tapes of his radio show.
I discovered killer bands that way, even before they had an import 7 inch single
available here in Ca. "The Peel Sessions" - magic words indeed.
So, I'm raising my glass to to John Peel tonight.
The world of independent music would have been a far different and uninspired place,
without him.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Saturday Night Jive !

Well, last night it seems that Ashley Simpson was caught dead in her (previously recorded) tracks on Saturday Night Live. There has been quite a bit of hoopla today on hard news shows, but hey, it's a Sunday and it's slow.
Here's what I can't understand: what's the big deal. Do most people who watch "live" television shows actually believe they are hearing a live vocal and insturment track, unembeleshed with any assistant production techniques? The reality is, most television shows, concerts and award shows are live to SMPTE track. Their backup musicians are playing air guitar while the singer actually sings. Sometimes it's augmented by an additional recorded track.
(Ever wonder how a performer can fly across the stage, spin, toss, jiggle, bounce etc. all the while maintaining a flawless and perfect pitch?!)
What happened last night was just the opposite. Simpson was supposed to lip synch to a pre-recorded track as the band played live in the background. Well, somebody messed up and pushed the wrong button and out came the the same vocal track that was played earlier in the show. The band played on, gamely. Ashley did a little jig, looked stunned and embarrassed, and finally slinked off the stage as the show cut to commercial.

At least when Jessica Simpson says something stupid, you know it's her.

My 1st Post

Welcome to my first post. This is a blog that I decided to create when I woke up this morning - To Blog or Not To Blog!? My knowledge of blogs was fairly general. I would surf, in search of that essential bit or piece of information that I was on the hunt for. But this past Summer was a key turning point. After all the hoopla of the Democratic national convention, after the balloon drop fiasco, the screaming protesters, and then seeing John Kerry in a spacesuit on his knees with that goofy "Dukakis-in-a-tank" grin, I sat back and realized that we are still in the middle of World War III. And that the outcome is still far from certain.
After a while I would regularly visit the blogs that cut right to the chase, you've heard them by now: INSTAPUNDIT, LGF, THE WONKETTE, VODKAPUNDIT, POLIPUNDIT, and my current fave ELECTRIC VENOM. I realized that more work had to be done to get the truth out, and in the wake of RatherGate, it was up to the blogs to do the heavy lifting. Blogs are very powerful things, you see. The good ones have a tremendous weath of talented writers. Voices you would never otherwise get a chance to hear. They can also affect developing stories in real time. So for better or worse, here I am. It's just me for the time being, but I am open to posting contributions and as responsibilities dictate, may eventually share the evolution of this blog with one or more like-minded souls who have yet to find their voice.
As of now, today, armed a batch of cool concoctions and Trader Vic's recipes, a stack of vinyl and compact discs to keep me inspired, and a desire to link to the best and most relevant stories out there, it's a one-man show. And though it may eventually lead to my downfall before Dan Rather's, at least I don't have that far to fall. So my gamble is small.
Thanks for stopping by.