Friday, December 24, 2004

Internet News getting some props!

Gallup: Internet News Growing, Other Media Decline
The number of Americans who rely on news outlets like, the Drudge Report and has jumped by 33 percent in just the last the two years, while virtually every other form of news media has lost readers and viewers, according to a new Gallup survey.

"The only news source to show an increase in daily use from Gallup's 2002 poll on media usage is the Internet – now at an all-time high," the polling firm said this week.

"Use of public television news, nightly network news, local television news, and National Public Radio has decreased, and the number of Americans who report using nightly network news programs, local TV news, local newspapers, and network newsmagazine shows reached new lows in this year's poll," said Gallup.

"Every source has fallen somewhat since 2002, with only news on the Internet gaining, from 15 percent [of readers] going there every day two years ago to 20 percent doing so today," reports Editor & Publisher, in their analysis of the Gallup survey.


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