Saturday, December 18, 2004

Belgium Pays Homage to Americans - Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

It's stories like these that make a knowledge of history so vital. Think of the sacrifices this country gave in Europe to beat back the dark forces of their creation! Radical Islam is our next target. Get ready, I have a feeling we're just at the start of this thing. If television and the media were not in their nascent stages back in the 1940's do you think the citizens of this country would have had the guts to stick it out? After reading this, I kinda doubt it.

Lasting six weeks, the battle drew in more than a million troops — 600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans and 55,000 Britons — who fought in bitter cold from Dec. 16, 1944, to Jan. 25, 1945.
There were some 81,000 American casualties — including 19,000 killed — in the fighting. Some 100,000 Germans were killed or seriously wounded.

There was so much destruction that it was impossible to know exactly how many were killed in action, how many went missing and how many were wounded.