Saturday, December 25, 2004


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Friday, December 24, 2004

Internet News getting some props!

Gallup: Internet News Growing, Other Media Decline
The number of Americans who rely on news outlets like, the Drudge Report and has jumped by 33 percent in just the last the two years, while virtually every other form of news media has lost readers and viewers, according to a new Gallup survey.

"The only news source to show an increase in daily use from Gallup's 2002 poll on media usage is the Internet – now at an all-time high," the polling firm said this week.

"Use of public television news, nightly network news, local television news, and National Public Radio has decreased, and the number of Americans who report using nightly network news programs, local TV news, local newspapers, and network newsmagazine shows reached new lows in this year's poll," said Gallup.

"Every source has fallen somewhat since 2002, with only news on the Internet gaining, from 15 percent [of readers] going there every day two years ago to 20 percent doing so today," reports Editor & Publisher, in their analysis of the Gallup survey.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Quotes of 2004 / January

And you know something? You know something? Not only are we going to Space Mountain, we're going to the tea cups and Mr. Toads Wild Ride and the Pirates of the Carribbean and the Jungle Adventure and the Matterhorn! We're going to the Haunted Mansion and Main Street and It's a Small World! And we're going to the Tiki Room and the Coutry Bear Jamboree and the Luau and a character breakfast! And then we're going to the Electric Light Parade. To take back Cinderella's Castle! YEEEAAARGH!!

From Tim Blair

Notice the phrase: "Includes the Punk Rock Singles..." Posted by Hello

The Virus of Democracy

Yet more words of wisdom from Victor Davis Hanson:

Peace comes, whether in Germany, Japan, Vietnam, or the Falklands, when victory and defeat adjudicate the issues at hand. Thus, there will be no settlement in the Middle East until the Palestinians accept that the effort to destroy Israel leads not to political advantage but to their own destruction, a realization that might just discredit the corrupt tribal apparatus of the Palestinian Authority.

The present cold war of sorts, akin to our own struggle with the Soviet Union, will eventually lead to a day of reckoning for the Palestinians after Israel has finished its fence, withdrawn from Gaza, and consolidated remaining settlements in line with its own strategic advantage.

So time is not on the Palestinians’ side. The world elsewhere tires with the creepy global image of the masked jihadist as it continues to move toward open markets and free societies. Meanwhile, Palestine is closing itself off from its only window to the West, its tribal government free instead to trade and exchange ideas with the likes of Mubarak’s Egypt or the Assad dictatorship in Syria.

While George W. Bush gets few high marks from Dennis Ross for his relative distance from the minutiae that comprise this 800-page book, his larger post-9/11 vision of democratizing the Middle East may do what thousands of shuttle missions by the dutiful and honest Ross could not — if the virus of democracy let loose in Afghanistan and Iraq finally infects the West Bank. After all, the real problem in the Middle East has never been just a few thousand acres of disputed land.

Instead, as was true during the Cold War, strife arises from the complete absence on one side of a legitimate government — as well as the subsidized mythologies of Palestinians that they could win from the Jews through suicide murder the honor, prosperity, and victory that they could never otherwise obtain through outright war or endemic tribal dictatorship.

I guess you could say that for Palestinians, disillusionment is a bitch.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In Spite of These Times

Over at Alarming News I found this post about some Big "R" quotes that a friend had emailed to the author. Reagan had a way of cutting to the quick; he also had a keen insight into what made America the envy of the rest of the globe.

But Reagan was skilled at reminding the common man the consequences of appeasment, detante and nurturing the inclination to weaken the U.S. military in times of relative 'peace.'
And yet the question remains: will the American people have the fortitude to see this current War through to a winning conclusion?

I saw Daniel Pipes speak last week and he said that it was a mistake to label our current war as 'on terrorism'. He said that after Pearl Harbor we did not declare a war on 'surprise attacks'. Our war is with Islamofascists and if we let go of Iraq, if they succeed in breaking our will, then they will win not just the battle for Iraq but the war for the world. They will have a safe haven from which to spread murderous ideology and illiberal philosophies.

This threat brings me to yet another Reagan quote 'Of the four wars in my lifetime none came about because the U.S. was too strong.' A strong America is a necessity for us to win. I hope American resolve to finish the war in Iraq will be renewed in the new year. I don't think there is a Reagan quote to describe what will happen if it isn't.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Massacre in Mosul

Here's a very moving (yet painful and heartbraking ) account of today's bombing at the mess hall in Mosul.
It's from a blog called "Training for Eternity" which is going on my blogroll tonight.

The scene was little more than controlled chaos. Helicopters landing, people shouting, wounded screaming, bodies everywhere. As the staff began to triage the dead and wounded I found the chaplain and offered my assistance. He directed me to where he needed me and I dove in. I would be hard pressed to write about every person I had the opportunity to pray with today but I will try to relate a few.I found "Betty" on a stretcher being tended by nurses. I introduced myself and held her hand. She looked up at me and said, "Chaplain, am I going to be alright?" I said that she was despite the fact that I could see she had a long road to recovery ahead of her. Most of her hair had been singed off. Her face was burnt fairly badly, although it didn't look like the kind of burns that will scar. What I do know is that it was painful enough to hurt just by being in the sun. I prayed with Betty and moved on...

Best Tax Accountant of the Year Award

There are times in Life when just about everything you do and hear about in the course of a normal day makes sense. You've pretty much got it figured out, whether it's the rate of your quickly levitating gas indicater arm, or the exact time all three networks cut to a commercial break.
But then you read about a judge down in Australia who ruled on the tax breaks of a convicted drug dealer....

Australia's High Court ruled in October that convicted drug dealer Francesco Dominico La Rosa could indeed write off a casualty loss of A$224,793 (about US$168,000) against his taxable income, even though the "loss" occurred when someone allegedly stole that amount that La Rosa had buried in his back yard and wanted to use for a heroin deal.
(The Australian Tax Office went nuts at the ruling, and efforts are under way to change the law.)

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Damn! I Missed the Annual Stone Pelting Festival... this year.

Stone throwing festival celebrated

Hundreds of people have been injured in an annual stone throwing festival at a remote mountain village in northern India.

Residents of Dhami near Shimla divided themselves into two groups and pelted stones at each other.

The group having the least number of wounded were declared winners reports Asian News International

It is reported participants were extremely enthusiastic about the stone throwing ritual, which continued for more than an hour in spite of injuries sustained.

Local administrators and police set up several makeshift medical camps to treat the bleeding victims.

Now, I'm not sure about you... but if I'm bleeding from voluntarily getting pelted with stones, I'm not so sure I'd worry about being declared a "winner"

Hey, does this remind you of a Douglas Adams novel?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Why Is Castro Given A Pass ?

In the words of VDH:

So it is also time to take a hard look at the heroes and villains of Hollywood, liberal Democrats, and the Euro elites. Many are as obsessed with damning the senile dictator of Chile as they are with excusing the unelected President for Life Fidel Castro. But let us be frank. A murderous Pinochet probably killed fewer of his own than did a mass-murdering Castro, and left Chile in better shape than contemporary Cuba is in. And the former is long gone, while the latter is still long in power.

Belgium Pays Homage to Americans - Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge

It's stories like these that make a knowledge of history so vital. Think of the sacrifices this country gave in Europe to beat back the dark forces of their creation! Radical Islam is our next target. Get ready, I have a feeling we're just at the start of this thing. If television and the media were not in their nascent stages back in the 1940's do you think the citizens of this country would have had the guts to stick it out? After reading this, I kinda doubt it.

Lasting six weeks, the battle drew in more than a million troops — 600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans and 55,000 Britons — who fought in bitter cold from Dec. 16, 1944, to Jan. 25, 1945.
There were some 81,000 American casualties — including 19,000 killed — in the fighting. Some 100,000 Germans were killed or seriously wounded.

There was so much destruction that it was impossible to know exactly how many were killed in action, how many went missing and how many were wounded.